rheem spiderfire fullSPIDERfire ® is a family of ultra high efficiency commercial gas water heaters with up to a 97 percent thermal efficiency

rheemRheem SPIDERfire
80 and 100-Gallon Capacities 130,000-399,900 Btu/h Sealed Combustion System Ultra Low NOx
Natural and LP Gas

Features & Benefits

The advanced line of 80 and 100-gallon Rheem SPIDERfire condensing water heaters offers breakthrough technology. It provides up to 97% thermal efficiency. The patented heat transfer system dramatically cuts fuel costs and is built to last. Models are available that range from 130,000-399,900 Btu/h, with a maximum temperature setting of
185 degrees.

Faster, Less Costly Venting

All models vent with standard -2”, -3”, -4”, or -6” diameter PVC plastic pipe. SPIDERfire’s built-in exhaust riser vents at the top and eliminates the need to construct a side riser.


3-Year limited tank warranty, upgradeable to 5 years
See Commercial Warranty Certificate for complete information.

Efficiency | All models tested according to ANSI test procedures, and meet or exceed the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of ASHRAE standard (EPact). Also exceeds energy efficiency codes of all states including California Energy Commission (CEC).

Safety and Construction | Design certified by CSA: For operation at 185 degrees; meets all safety and construction requirement of ANSI Z21.10.3; as an automatic storage or instantaneous water heater; as an automatic circulating tank water heater; and for operation on combustible floors and in alcove instal-lations. Certified for 150 PSI maximum working pressure (160 PSI for ASME models).

Optional Construction | ASME construction is available on designated models. UL Sanitation (NSF5) compliant models are available when equipped with optional seal kit (Part No. AS42690).