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EDOS Manufacturers' Reps serving the Northeast
Plumbing and Showroom | HVAC | Commercial

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EDOS Manufacturers' Reps
serving the Northeast
Plumbing | HVAC | Commercial

From its modest beginnings, Edos Manufacturers’ Reps has maintained a consistent pattern of growth and has established itself as an industry leader serving an ever expanding and loyal customer base throughout New England.

Started by Ed Os as a home based business in 1975, today the company is headed by Ed’s son Robert Os who serves as President and Outside Sales Manager.

Rob has been instrumental in advancing this family owned business to new levels of success. While growth has been rapid, management maintains its grassroots approach to sales through hard work, establishing and maintaining wholesale and channel market relationships, and strategic planning. Rob is quick to address changes in the marketplace and, in recent years, the challenges of a tough economy:

“Keeping up with changes in the industry can be difficult, but by and large those changes have been good for us. We’ve picked up new lines and new products and have been given new opportunities by the vendors we represent. So it’s up to us to adapt to their needs, and adapt quickly.” - Robert Os.

By penetrating multiple channels, EDOS is now better positioned to help distributors and their manufacturers attain the goals required to continue to grow in a changing marketplace. EDOS’ success can also be attributed to its founder’s vision.

EDOS' Sales Representatives are some of the best in the industry.  A diverse team of sales professionals with backgrounds in sales, marketing and/or field installations allows EDOS the ability to handle any sales situation.  We constantly train and support our sales team to make sure they have the tools needed to effectively promote our manufacturers in all market channels.

In addition, the expertise and strength of our inside sales department is second to none.  Inside sales personnel account for our first-rate customer service, they facilitate communications, and handle important administrative tasks.  With its support, the outside sales force can better cover its territories and focus on actual sales and training.

With a harmonious company dynamic, the EDOS team has a positive outlook towards the future with plans for even further growth.