Maintaining long term relations with both manufacturers and customers has been key in EDOS’ success and growth. Representing only top of the line heating, plumbing and showroom manufacturers, some for over 35 years, has earned the agency a strong and reputable position in the marketplace.

The outside sales team, with over 355 years of combined industry experience, reaches wholesale and channel markets by calling directly on mechanical/ plumbing/ heating contractors, oil dealers, designers, architects, engineers, etc. The team’s marketing initiatives, sales agendas, and accommodating practices generate pull-through sales and help boost customer profit margins.

We believe it is our agency’s mandate and responsibility to effectively train all channels of our market. With our commitment to continuous education, we actively encourage and fund all areas of training and education positioning the EDOS sales team to further advance and grow professionally. We, also, understand the importance of keeping pace with current trends, the latest technology, and are active members with important industry associations such as the AIM/R-MANA.

The EDOS family is passionate about upholding its company’s tradition of building relations, building business, and valuing customers.